Florist in Berkhamsted

How to Find an Amazing Florist in Berkhamsted

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There is something very special about flowers. They can brighten up anyone’s day, make a home look loved and lived in and be the perfect gift for that hard to buy person. That is why a good florist is a much-needed service in our busy modern world.

Amazing Florist Berkhamsted

Bright and beautiful or soft and calming, flowers add so much to any space and at Hanako Florists in Berkhamsted we work hard so that the flowers are not only gorgeous to look at but are sustainable and long lasting too. We have a new approach to floristry that our customers love, giving a myriad of options as to how you want your flowers delivered, while insisting on exceptional quality and skill with every bouquet.

Flower Delivery Berkhamsted

Hanako is a stunning florist on Berkhamsted high street with the added advantage of being able to deliver flowers locally. Offering a new way to buy flowers with a bouquet subscription or refillable vase subscription, this will ensure that you have fresh blooms in your home or office on a regular basis.

Our Berkhamsted Bouquets

All our bouquets come in a range of sizes, the smallest being Kohana size, meaning Little Flower, Hana size, meaning the perfect size, and Hanabi size, meaning Fireworks which is our largest bouquet. You can then choose from seasonal and sustainable blooms in the following three shades:

The Vibrants – A bright, bold display perfect for injecting joy and colour into your day. This showstopper bouquet is ideal for making a statement, including a range of fragrant, seasonal blooms and foliage.

The Pastels – A subtle, soft colour palette of delicate tones, textures, and aromas. Your bouquet will include a range of seasonal blooms that create a delicate but striking arrangement perfect for every occasion.

The Nudes – A classy arrangement of neutral tones that make for a timeless centrepiece. Perfect for those everlasting friendships, eternal loves, and perennial connections, it’s a soothing, heavenly bouquet.

Chiya – Chiya, meaning ‘A Thousand Generations’, is designed to make a lasting impression. Your bouquet will be an irresistible mix of beautiful, fresh blooms paired with preserved leaves, foliage and pampas grass, all tailored to your colour palette.

Plant Shop & Florist Experiences

Our Berkhamsted high street florist also sells a range of plants for your home and also offers, throughout the year, floristry workshops and experiences to suit the season. If you have ever wanted to learn how to be a florist our Hanako Tomodachi workshop, meaning ‘Flower Girl Friend’, is for you. You can do this on a one-to-one basis or with a group of friends for a fun afternoon of floristry and champagne. You can also find workshops of seasonal wreaths and other floristry themed events throughout the year.

Floristry & Afternoon Tea in Berkhamsted

Our central Berkhamsted Florist is not only the best place to find exquisite flowers and a range of gorgeous house plants, but also a place to stop, relax and enjoy a glass of champagne, a delicious coffee or even try our Japanese inspired Afternoon Tea. Our champagne bar in Berkhamsted served Moet & Chandon & is the perfect place to meet with friends on Berkhamsted High Street.

Along with out innovative subscription floristry options and our floristry workshops, we also offer bespoke floristry options and create amazing heartfelt flowers for events and weddings.

We can’t wait to see you at Hanako, an amazing florist in Berkhamsted.