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We’re Introducing a New Way to Experience Flowers

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Here at Hanako, we’re looking to transform the way in which Berkhamsted experiences flowers by introducing the world’s first ‘Florist’s Table’, a space to watch floristry in action while sipping champagne and enjoying a delightful menu of Afternoon Tea and sweet treats.

We’re bringing flower-lovers the unique opportunity to soak up a luxe floral atmosphere in the company of loved ones, either creating bespoke bouquets with our team of floral designers or relaxing at our champagne bar where we’ve partnered with Moët & Chandon.

Handcrafted by our team of talented and passionate florists, you will have the choice of seasonal bouquets in a range of sizes, blends of fresh and preserved flora, as well as a wide selection of decadent gifts, including handmade chocolates from an independent chocolatier.

For a regular flower-fix, you can also opt for a floral subscription delivered straight to your door or a refillable vase that can be topped up each week, either in Hanako or via delivery.

With the repercussions of floristry often leaving a negative impact on the environment, Hanako is conscious of environmental waste. We endeavour only to use biodegradable products, compost all green waste and donate leftover flora to local causes.

By reducing our carbon footprint and finding eco-friendly floristry techniques, Hanako hopes to protect the long-lasting beauty of the world around us and lead the way for the wider floristry industry to become more environmentally friendly.

We’ll also be inviting you to help us reduce waste by hosting ‘Flower Hour’ each Saturday, where you can pick up flowers that would otherwise go to waste at a discounted price.

Owner Haylee Benton also runs a portfolio of hair, beauty, and aesthetic businesses in Berkhamsted, each with an ethos of turning ordinary services into extraordinary experiences.

Haylee said, “I’m extremely excited to open Hanako and introduce a new way for people to experience flowers.

“Flowers have always been at the centre of life’s most significant moments, representing love, joy, appreciation, and so much more. So, with Hanako, we want to take that experience to the next level by creating a space where people can enjoy every step together, starting with the creation of each arrangement.

“From finding the perfect flowers for your personality to arranging your bespoke bouquet, Hanako is a place to connect, bond and celebrate together.”

Hanako will be headed up by Head Florist Kate Parrott, who boasts years of experience in hand-curating personal bouquets.

Kate commented, “I’m passionate about reinventing floristry on the high street. Floristry should be fun, inventive and all about curating thoughtful works of art packed full of personal meanings. Hanako will combine that creativity with a fresh, sustainable approach that ensures everyone can enjoy meaningful floristry that doesn’t impact the environment.”

Hanako, situated at 140 High Street, Berkhamsted, will be open from 9 am – 6 pm Wednesday, and 9 am – 8 pm Thursday to Saturday.