From vivid bursts of colour to subtle, understated tones, find the perfect bouquet at Hanako.

Our team of passionate florist’s handcraft every bouquet, picking seasonal blooms to match your colour palette of choice, wrapping each arrangement in eco-friendly packaging that will keep your blooms safe and cared for until you get them home.

All of our bouquets come in three choices of sizing: Kohana ‘Little Flower’: a petite bunch, Hana ‘Flower’: the perfect size, and Hanabi ‘Fireworks’: a grand gesture.

Want to pack even more sentiment into your gift? Include a greetings card, opt for a sweet treat or add a luxe bottle of Moët & Chandon to your order.

The Vibrants

A bright, bold display perfect for injecting joy and colour into your day. This showstopper bouquet is ideal for making a statement, including a range of fragrant, seasonal blooms and foliage.

Berkhamsted Flowers Hanako Vibrants Feature Image 1
Berkhamsted Flowers Hanako Pastels Feature Image 1

The Pastels

A subtle, soft colour palette of delicate tones, textures and aromas. Your bouquet will include a range of seasonal blooms that create a delicate but striking arrangement perfect for every occasion.

The Nudes

A classy arrangement of neutral tones that make for a timeless centrepiece. Perfect for those everlasting friendships, eternal loves and perennial connections, it’s a soothing, heavenly bouquet.

Berkhamsted Flowers Hanako Nudes Feature Image 1
Berkhamsted Flowers Hanako Chiya Feature Image 1

Chiya: Fresh & Preserved

Chiya, meaning ‘A Thousand Generations’, is designed to make a lasting impression. Your bouquet will be an irresistible mix of beautiful, fresh blooms paired with preserved leaves, foliage and pampas grass, all tailored to your colour palette.

The best part? Your preserved pieces will last long after your fresh flowers, so you can keep these and rearrange them in a vase for a permanent display!