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Learning the Language of Flowers

Did you know that individual flowers have their own meanings? Flowers can send a message unlike any other gift and hidden within the stems of many flowers is a secret language that you can access if you want to send someone something truly special.

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We all know that red roses are the traditional gift for Valentine’s Day, and they represent love and affection, but there are so many other flowers that also have their own unique and beautiful meanings.

Flowers represent many different meanings and emotions including love, hope, good luck, and even loss. The team at Hanako florists in Berkhamsted know how unique a gift of flowers can be and they would love to share with you the meanings of some of their favourite blooms.

Floral Gifts Throughout Time

Flowers have been given as gifts and tokens of appreciation and affection across the world and over the centuries. Their individual symbolic meanings have also been represented, in the works of Shakespeare, ancient folklore, and mythologies across the ancient world. Symbolic meanings and the language of flowers have been used to convey messages since ancient times.

Did you know that Orange Blossom means chastity, purity, and loveliness and red chrysanthemums mean ‘I love you’ so perhaps consider these instead of traditional roses for your next Valentine’s gift?

The Victorian Influence

The Victorians were the ones who really embraced and then recorded the language of flowers, and learning the meanings became not only a hobby but part of passing messages in everyday life. If you wanted to send messages to your beau you could answer a question, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ by handing over a flower or bunch of flowers. If the right hand was used it meant yes and if the left hand was used it meant no.

The Victorians were also no stranger to passing shade and did so using the language of flowers! If a suitor sent a love message by flower that was unwanted it was common for them to receive a yellow carnation in return, which meant disdain! Other more welcome flowers included bluebells for kindness, peonies for bashfulness, rosemary for remembrance, and tulips for passion.

There is a flower or plant for just about any sentiment or meaning so if you want to send something specific to a loved one or want to include some symbolic messaging in wedding flowers or other events, be sure to discuss options with your local florist.

Colour Meanings of Flowers

It was not only the flower alone that could convey meaning, the colour of the bloom could also change the meaning and convey a message. Roses, for example, could have many different meanings depending on their colour for example:

  • A White Rose: Purity, Innocence, a Fresh Start.
  • A Red Rose: I Love You.
  • A Dark Crimson Rose: Mourning
  • A Pink Rose: Grace, Gentleness & Happiness
  • A Yellow Rose: Jealousy & Infidelity
  • An Orange Rose: Desire & Enthusiasm
  • A Lavender Rose: Love at First Sight
  • A Coral Rose: Friendship or Sympathy

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