Our lives are packed full of cherished moments, and here at Hanako, we’re passionate about ensuring you can celebrate each and every one of them with a personal gift.

Whether it’s a birthday surprise, an anniversary gift or a token of your appreciation, we’ve got a full range of floral gifts that ensures you can find the perfect thing for them.

All of our bouquets are handcrafted by our talented team of florists and are ideal for pairing with exquisite chocolates from our independent chocolatier or even a fine glass of Moët.

Find the perfect gift for your loved one and explore our full range today.

Gift Sets

A beautiful arrangement of Hanako blooms paired with a sweet treat, perfect for showing just how much you care.

Hanako Berkhamsted Flowers Gift Sets Feature Image
Hanako Berkhamsted Flowers Hat Boxes Feature Image

Hat Boxes

A truly luxurious arrangement that’s set to wow, our hat boxes make the perfect gift no matter the occasion.

Gluggle Jugs

The perfect present that can be reused time and time again, our gluggle jugs make for an eye-catching vase and as a pitcher for drinks.

Hanako Berkhamsted Flowers Gluggle Jugs Feature Image
Hanako Berkhamsted Flowers Loose Leaf Tea Gift Feature Image

Loose-Leaf Tea

Crafted from fresh tea leaves and infusions of natural flavours, our fragrant and floral blends offer the most authentic way to enjoy tea. All of our loose-leaf tea is hand-blended by New Moon Holistics.

Sweet Treats

There’s no better combination than flowers and chocolates. Pair your bouquet with luxurious flavours for a true gift for the senses, ranging from the zesty notes of Milk Chocolate, Honeycomb and Charred Orange to the rich, smooth flavours of Dark Chocolate and Yucatan Flower Honey.

All of our chocolates are handmade from independent chocolatier Cocoa Cave.

Hanako Berkhamsted Flowers Chocolate Gift Feature Image
Hanako Berkhamsted Flowers Greetings Cards Gift Feature Image

A Note from the Heart

Want to add a personal message to your bouquet? Add a greetings card to your order. We’ve got a fantastic range of floral cards that are perfect for adding some flower-powered sentiments to your bouquet.

Our Hanako greetings cards are designed to make a lasting impression, containing a range of wildflower and herb seeds that can be planted for a season-long reminder of your affection.