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What Flowers Will I Need for my Wedding?

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One of the nicest things about planning a wedding is choosing your wedding flowers. Wedding flowers have such an impact on a wedding and can completely change the look and feel of any theme with some great floral choices.

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This is where a great florist can help bring your wedding dreams to life, and the Hanako team has the experience to guide you in your choices and create wedding flowers unique to you.

Wedding flowers are as unique as every couple. Once you have considered the bouquet and some buttonholes, do you know what other wedding flowers you need?

The Most Important Wedding Flowers

Some flowers are more important than others for the wedding, almost regardless of what type of wedding you are having. The obvious one is the bouquet for the bride and the flowers for the men to wear in their buttonholes. Corsages are also sometimes given to the bride and groom’s mothers and will usually coordinate with other flowers being used.

Another important flower category is the bridesmaid’s bouquets. It is common to have a smaller, simpler version of what the bride carries, but sometimes it can be something as simple as a single flower, depending on the theme and the age of the children. Flower girls will also usually come with flowers, hence the name!

If you are using flowers in your hair and those of bridesmaids, you’ll want to coordinate them at the same time as bouquets and other flowers.

Flowers for a Church Wedding

If you are getting married in a church, then there are a few flowers you may need and some you may want to have prepared. An altar display isn’t compulsory but can give the church a bit more of a wedding feeling and make it look different from the usual look. Pedestal flowers are also commonly used, even if there is just one placed near the entrance or the alter.

Pew decorations are optional but can make the church look stunning. They don’t need to be complex but should complement the other flowers being used. Confetti is often obtained from a florist alongside the flowers. Make sure it is biodegradable and won’t harm the plants and wildlife in the churchyard.

Flowers for the Reception Venue

If you are having the wedding ceremony and the reception in the same venue, you may want to use different flowers or arrangements to differentiate between the two spaces. If you move to the reception venue after getting married somewhere else, consider including some themes or threads of the same colours or flowers.

Flower arches are very popular as something that the bride and groom can walk through when they arrive. They are also commonly used for outdoor weddings, often at the bottom of the ‘aisle’ that the bride walks up. Flower walls are a newer addition to the list but are commonly used for outdoor weddings and even indoors. They can be placed behind where the ceremony takes place as a backdrop.

Centrepieces for the reception table can be as simple or elaborate as you want. You can choose everything from traditional floral arrangements in vases of your choice to natural moss studded with flowers flowing down the centre of your tables. Take a good look at your venue and make a list of where flowers can accent, enhance, or even hide ugly corners.

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To get started on your wedding flower journey, book a one-to-one consultation with our Hanako head florist Kate in our central Berkhamsted flower shop, complete with a bar so you can have a glass of fizz while you discuss your unique wedding ideas.