simple wedding flower ideas

Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

Florists love wedding flowers, and the talented team at Hanako in Berkhamsted are no different. The team loves bringing the couple’s ideas to life in flower form. Whether the bride and groom want an elaborate arrangement or something stylish and simple, the Hanako team can deliver.

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Modern couples are increasingly getting involved in every part of their wedding day, including the selection of blooms chosen to go in their wedding arrangements. As an experienced florist, we can give you all the advice you need to make the best choice for your wedding day.

To help couples with their planning, we have a few simple wedding flower tips to share;

Use Seasonal Flowers

Choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding day is a beautiful way to incorporate nature and the atmosphere of the season. These flowers will not only look amazing in your wedding bouquet and arrangements, but they will also match the colours in the grounds of your wedding venue, providing a complimentary backdrop for your wedding photographs.

For example, you can match the colour scheme of your wedding in early summer with shades of pink reflecting peonies or choose Dahlias as the central flower in your early Autumn wedding.

Seasonal flowers are one of the best ways to manage your wedding flower budget. Seasonal blooms, by definition, are widely available and have more competitive pricing than out-of-season flowers.

Big Blooms in the Bouquet

Big statement blooms always photograph well, and they look luxe. If you go bold, along with the flowers’ size, consider the bouquet’s shade. An all-white bouquet with large flowers will look as stunning as a large bouquet comprising of many smaller flowers.

Ask the Hanako team for advice on which large bloom would work well for your colour scheme and season. Large orchids, giant peonies, and certain kinds of roses can look spectacular. You don’t have to choose all white; any colour or multi-colour bouquets look amazing with a few oversized statement blooms on show.

Different Textures Add Interest

Often the texture of the flowers is as important as the shade. One colour bridal bouquets are stunning, especially if they are toned with coloured bridal party wear, but to really make an impact ensure you include texture. Varying textures achieved with foliage and fillers can create a real wow effect at your wedding.

Gorgeous Greenery Makes a Difference

With so much focus on the flowers, the greenery can often be an afterthought. If you switch your thinking and make the greenery the star of the bouquet, you will be able to create something very unique. Foliage includes gorgeous stems of eucalyptus or olive branches which are stunning in their own right and not just for rustic-themed weddings. Greenery can really add some glam to your wedding arrangements.

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