How to Get Sustainable, Artisan Floral Bouquets Delivered Nationally

How to Get Sustainable, Artisan Floral Bouquets Delivered Nationally


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“A local florist, with a national reach” 

It’s not difficult to find flowers that can be delivered to your door these days. In fact, it’s a huge industry, full of many competitors offering great deals and speedy next-day delivery. But when you order from the likes of the big national online florists, do you really know where the flowers in your bouquet have come from, how it has been made, and even who by?  

Hanako Flowers is breaking the mould when it comes to flower services. Yes, we offer national delivery, but with us, it’s personal, and it still feels like popping into your local artisan florist.  

So, why choose us? 


You are supporting a small startup business 

We only began our journey in August 2021, when we opened our flower shop and champagne bar on the quaint Berkhamsted High Street in Hertfordshire.  

It all started with a new concept to offer people the chance to experience flowers differently. Putting the art of floristry on display for all to not only watch but learn themselves. 

We’ve now moved our shop to the stunning Courtyard of Ashridge House, and we’ve brought our one-of-a-kind Florist’s Table with us!  

Now we get to meet anyone who visits the Ashridge Estate on their walks or day trips and offer them beautiful bouquets and gifts in-store while offering national online delivery for our artisan bouquets.  

You are getting a personal service 

The Hanako Flowers team is small but perfectly formed. Made up of four expert florists and one shop assistant, we love to create bespoke and meaningful arrangements, which are handpicked from our flower bar and hand-tied with love. 

Our flower girls make sure each bouquet is given the attention to detail it deserves, and each stem is selected, prepped and arranged with care and attention. Not only that, but they will also delicately wrap your bouquet in luxury papers and write your personal note card by hand. 

Not to mention, if you call us with any questions about your order, you’ll speak to one of our friendly florists directly, who are always happy to help.  

Your bouquet will say more 

We are passionate about the language of flowers here at Hanako. Whilst flowers are undeniably beautiful to look at, we think it is just as important to know what different flowers represent. 

Hanako, meaning ‘Flower Girls’ in Japanese, has helped us take inspiration from the Japanese language of flowers, Hanakotoba. The Japanese art of flower arranging has bought countless individuals joy, love and comfort through bunches filled with meaning. 
We carefully craft each of our creations, ensuring they are meaningful to the recipient. We can work with you to combine personal sentiments that ensure your bouquet is unique.  

You can also see what the flowers in your chosen bouquet represent in our online shop. 

You are keeping things sustainable 

We are working to be a fully sustainable florist, ditching single-use products like floral foam and adapting traditional techniques using sustainable and reusable floral mechanics.   

We work with local flower farms and growers to supply only the best British-grown flowers through the summer months, and we compost all our green waste on-site at Ashridge House, giving back to nature. 

Most importantly, we are passionate about recycling and making the most of every stem. We offer Chiya bouquets, which are everlasting, and your dried stems can be used again and again.  

We also offer our wedding clients the option to have their arrangements made into bouquets for their guests at the end of the day or to donate their arrangements to a local hospice afterwards. 

You might discover one of our other amazing services 

What else does our small business do when it comes to flowers? It’s not just bouquets that are flying out the door. We offer a wide range of high-end floral services, from weddings to corporate events, funerals, and seasonal or private workshops. 

We love sharing our knowledge, passion and skills, and we do this through each of our services. Every floral encounter is an experience which we would love to share with you!  

Visit our online shop to order your bouquet or floral gift for next-day delivery or collection now.