Funeral Flowers Berkhamsted Funeral Flowers for Parents

Funeral Flowers for Parents

Losing a parent is a very difficult time for anyone. Organising funerals can be difficult and emotional which is why the experienced team at Hanako will ensure choosing your funeral flowers will be as easy and personal as possible. Some people have very specific ideas about what flowers they would like to see at the funeral of either parent, and some people simply have a general gentle idea are happy to be led by a good florist.

Funeral Flowers Berkhamsted

Whatever you want for the funeral of your beloved mum or dad, the team at Hanako will ensure the flowers are personal and appropriate and reflect the person who has died and the wishes of the family.

Funeral Flowers for Dad

Flowers are a show of love and sympathy and so are just as appropriate for a man as they are for a woman. They do not have to be masculine in appearance, but they can be arranged to be deeply personal, and as unique as the person who has died. Reflecting the person is a great way to pay tribute to them and for dads this can take a few different forms.

Consider Hobby Flowers – Including items from a favourite hobby or pastime is a great way to showcase the dad’s passion. If he was a keen sports fan, a fisherman, or loved to play games, items of his, or representing this hobby can be included in the flowers at the funeral. Favourite music in images or song lyrics can also be included to showcase what dad was passionate about and what he will be remembered for.

Letter Flowers – Creating words out of flowers can add special meaning and have great impact on the day of the funeral. It can be as simple as the words dad, or father in their favourite colours. Or a favourite quote, word, or nickname they were know as.

Funeral Wreath – Wreaths can be made in many different styles and colours and can represent anything that was special, unique or interesting about dad. If he loved darts, getting a circular wreath made to look like a dart board is a great idea. Or if he loved golf, flowers in the shape of a golf club will bring happy memories to an otherwise very sad occasion.

Funeral Flowers for Mum

Of course all the ideas above can be used for mum too. To celebrate who she was and bring her hobbies, interests and passions to the funeral in floral form. Different flowers can also have different meanings and if you want to create something beautiful for mum that has meaning behind it then choose some of these flowers to be included in mum’s funeral flowers.

  • Orchids – Pink Orchids are known to represent eternal love, while other orchids are used as a general sign of sympathy.
  • Lilies – Thes flowers are known to represent the restoration of the soul making them traditional funeral flowers with a lot of significance.
  • Chrysanthemums – These are big blooms, their name often shortened to ‘mums’ and they often represent death.
  • Carnations – Pure love is what white carnations are known for, red carnations symbolise pure love, and pink carnations are popular as they represent remembrance.