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Flower Fact or Flower Fiction

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It is well-known that flowers and plants make people happy, but there is a vast range of other facts about flowers and house plants that may or may not be true. Flowers and house plants bring much joy to our lives. So much joy, in fact, that we try desperately to keep them alive and thriving for as long as possible! Unfortunately, myths abound, and it can be tricky to know what advice to believe and ignore.

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The experienced florists at Hanako in Berkhamsted have taken a look at a few of these to decide if they are flower fact, or flower fiction to help you keep your flowers looking their best for as long as possible at home.

Flower Myths Explained

House Plants Purify the Air – Flower Fact!

We’re filing this under ‘true’, but it’s a tad complicated. Both indoor and outdoor plants breathe in reverse to humans – they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen during photosynthesis. Some house plants also soak up air pollutants, such as gases from your paints, cleaning products and new furniture, but they do so extremely slowly. To impact your home’s air quality, you’ll need at least one plant per 100 square feet of floor space.

Bananas Kill Flowers? – Flower Fact!

Who knew bananas were secret murderers?! It’s true. Ripening fruit, especially bananas, gives off ethylene gas that shortens a flower’s life. Get around this by displaying your vase away from the fruit bowl.

Peeling a Roses’ Guard Petals Will Kill it? – Flower Fiction!

If your roses start looking a little brown and sorry for themselves around the edges, there’s an easy solution. The outer petals are known as ‘guard petals’ because they’re only there to protect the inner bud. They can be gently peeled off without harming the flower, revealing fresh petals underneath that’ll look prettier on display.

House Plants Help Anxiety? – Flower Fact!

Nature has long been positively linked to wellbeing. In 2010, a study conducted in Japan found that spending time in forests can lower a person’s heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. Sadly, we don’t all have a forest on our doorstep, but house plants make a decent substitute for city dwellers.

Place a Penny in a Vase to Stop wilting? Flower Fact!

Ever been told this by a relative and laughed? Well, there’s some truth to it! Copper makes the water more acidic, which helps it travel up your flower stems more quickly, keeping them fresher for longer. Crushed aspirin has a similar effect.

Orchids are High-Maintenance – Flower Fiction!

OK, so orchids can verge on the fussy side, but we’ve slapped a false label on this myth because they can also be effortless to look after! Orchids are tropical, meaning they prefer hot and humid conditions. Bear this in mind and display them in a steamy kitchen or bathroom, and you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping them healthy.