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Wedding Flower Centrepieces

Walking into your wedding reception and seeing the results of months of planning is one of the most beautiful experiences for newly wedded couples, and it is often the floral table centrepieces that make the most impact.

Wedding Centrepieces Berkhamsted

Here at Hanako, our florists understand the importance of your venue looking as elegant and refined as the Wedding Party itself. A beautiful Bride and Groom deserve an equally beautiful wedding, and flower centrepieces are an excellent place to start.

Our talented team of local Berkhamsted florists can create the wedding centrepieces you have been imagining, bringing them into botanical life for your wedding day.

Wedding Floral Centrepieces

An essential part of planning any wedding is dressing your venue. The talented florists at Hanako can help you select and design the perfect floral table and centrepieces for your wedding Reception, ensuring the overall design fits within the theme and aesthetic of your wedding.

The wedding breakfast and following reception form the focal point for many Weddings (not to mention the cake!), and a traditional method of bringing the theme of your wedding into the very centre of focus is your fresh wedding table floral centrepiece.

Berkhamsted Wedding Florist

Whether you want small and intimate wedding flowers or large and colourful flower installations, the team at Hanako will listen to your requirements and create stunning flowers for your big day. Small and intimate weddings can be catered for as well as large weddings with centrepieces on every table. We can coordinate the flowers with your theme and ensure they convey the meaning and look that matches the rest of your wedding party.

Themed Wedding Centrepieces

A centrepiece can be a fantastic way to create visual unity between tables or put a unique spin on each. The design of your centrepieces is limited only by the seasonal nature of the flowers we use. Depending on the overall aesthetic of your wedding, you might choose an elaborate centrepiece featuring candelabra and cascading flowers. This may be extra appropriate for the long table flower centrepieces you choose.

Conversely, a singular bloom within a glass casing is an aesthetic choice that has proven popular with those who desire a more minimalist approach to Wedding centrepieces and trust that a simplistic approach to fresh flowers will serve just as well.

Gorgeous Wedding Flowers

All wedding flowers start with a consultation with the Hanako florist. Book time with our florists and bring pictures or notes on what you dream for your wedding, and we can help you bring it to life.

We know and understand how important getting the florals for your wedding right is. We can create all the florals for your wedding, including wedding arches, modern flower installations, wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and any and all ancillary florals for your venue or other guests.

Take a look at our wedding page and contact us about your big day today.