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Choosing Romantic Flowers for Your Spring Wedding

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Romantic flowers are one of the most asked for attributes when it comes to choosing wedding flowers and the team at Hanako love to create unique and special combinations for each and every couple they work with.

Romantic Wedding Flowers Berkhamsted

Thoughtful wedding flowers add a gorgeous look and feel to any wedding venue, and in spring is the perfect season to make unique choices as there are so many versatile flowers in full bloom. A spring wedding symbolises a season of renewal and new adventures, which is exactly what each spring couple is starting. It can be a little daunting to choose just the right flowers so the team at Hanako have included some tips to make it a little easier to decide. You can also book a wedding florist meeting to discuss your ideas in detail.

Spring Wedding Flower Tips

Start with your Inspiration – Pinterest is still one of the biggest and best places to find and curate your wedding flower ideas and you can even share the boards you make with the Hanako team. You can combine boards that fit with your aesthetic, including dresses, décor ideas and florals to see how they will work together. Once you have created some boards with ideas you can start to narrow down exactly the look and feel you want in your floral wedding designs.

Choose a Romantic Colour Palette – Spring brings with it an abundance of colour, but as a spring bride you don’t have to use brights you can choose a more romantic and muted colour palette. A very elegant colour palette can be had with spring wedding flowers, use ethereal colours to match blush wedding gowns or lots of whites and greens for a fresh bright but still romantic look.

Fragrance and Wedding Flowers – If anyone in the wedding parties is allergic or sensitive to certain flower scents then it is a good idea to communicate this with your wedding florist as soon as possible so that they can give you the best options. It is a good idea to avoid overly scented blooms for indoor arrangements, these can be used for any outdoor flowers you have where the scent can dissipate easier.

Choose In Season Flowers – The experienced florists at Hanako can give you the best advice on which flowers look best at the time of your wedding. This can also have an impact on the cost as using seasonal and more local blooms can be more cost effective and better for your budget.

Keep Talking to Your Florist – The best way to ensure you get exactly the look and feel in the flowers for your spring wedding is to keep communicating with the Hanako team. Tell them what your preferences are, about the space that the flowers will be in and then let them create something truy unique and special for your spring wedding day.

Romantic Wedding Flowers

Whatever you are looking for in your wedding flowers, the team at Hanako have the experience, expertise and floral know how to bring even the most elaborate plans to life and they truly love to create floral pieces that you will remember forever.