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Choosing the Shape of Your Wedding Bouquet

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There are so many things to think about when you are planning your wedding and one of the biggest considerations is the wedding flowers. Wedding flowers can set the tone for the whole wedding adding colour, glamour, a sense of calm and beauty or any other vibe you are trying to achieve for your special day.

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There are so many options, colour palettes, choice of blooms, and then the choice for the wedding party flowers. Once of the things you will need to consider quite early on is the shape of your wedding bouquet as there are more options that your probably realise. All the options for your wedding bouquet are unique and can be tailored to your personality and style. Your bouquet will be front and centre on the day and highlighted in the wedding photographs so getting a bouquet you really love is very important. The size, shape, the blooms you choose should represent everything about you in a very personal and unique way.

How to Choose Your Wedding Bouquet

There are classic options when it comes to the shape of wedding bouquets and like most other items when it comes to weddings, they fall in and out of fashion as trends change. But that does not mean you need to choose what is trendy, you should choose what is right for you. Some brides have a vision from being very young on what they want their bouquet to look like and this can be replicated, perhaps with a little modern flourish to bring those young girls dreams to life. Timeless and classic designs do tend to stand the test of time when it comes to wedding flowers and wedding bouquets in general, but an original arrangement or something that suits your dress best is probably the first consideration.

Shape and Size of Wedding Bouquets

In general, there are a few different styles of wedding bouquets. If you don’t have a strong feeling in which direction to go then take inspiration from your wedding dress or ask the experienced wedding florists at Hanako for their advice.

  • The round or dome shaped wedding bouquet.
  • The tear drop shaped wedding bouquet.
  • The shower or cascading bouquet.
  • The natural or more organic bouquet.

The round wedding bouquet – This is a classic shape and is timeless. Perfect for classic or elegant weddings. They can be small and classy which does not distract from the dress or other aspects of the wedding say. Simple classic wedding dresses work well with the round bouquet, such as Megan Markle when she married Prince Harry. For a more modern twist you can leave the stems extra-long.

The tear drop wedding bouquet – This is often a smaller and more traditional wedding bouquet that many people love because of that. Traditional flowers are also often used in this bouquet, such as Lily of the Valley or Orchids. You can make this look and feel more modern by including dried flowers or add more romance with big bloom roses or add a delicate touch with sweet peas.

The cascading wedding bouquet – This moves from the small tear drop above and adds a cascading or showering element making it a lot larger and impressive. These should be full of movement and add drama to any bride’s wedding look.

The natural and organic wedding bouquet – These bouquets offer the most freedom for both the bride and the florist and they are very popular at the moment. These should be loose but elegant and include lots of free-flowing foliage and statement blooms working together in harmony.

Whatever style of wedding bouquet you are dreaming of the team at Hanako can create something completely unique for you.