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Amazing Floral Traditions from Around the World

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At Hanako, we love to celebrate with flowers! All around the world, flowers are used to mark events such as weddings and funerals, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and special occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

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Different flowers mean different things wherever you go in the world. In the UK, red is often seen as the colour of love, but in China, it is a sign of celebration and happiness.

Here we take a closer look at some of the more amazing traditions associated with flowers.

Potted Plants Around the World

You might not realise it, but gifting a potted plant to someone can have different connotations depending on where you are in the world. It’s pretty common in the UK if someone is moving into a new home to buy them a potted plant. In Brazil, if you’re invited to a dinner party, turning up with one is considered polite – the host doesn’t have to wander around looking for a vase to put flowers in.

However, you may offend if you’ve bought a potted plant for someone who is not well in Japan. It’s akin to telling them to stay in bed and not get better.

Greece: Plates and Carnations

If you’ve ever visited one of the many Greek islands, you will undoubtedly have witnessed the spectacle of plate smashing. With the music blaring out, this ritual is often reserved for weddings and other celebrations. It’s supposed to ward off evil spirits and bestow good luck on the happy couple.

What you may have yet to notice while all this plate smashing was going on is that carnations are also being thrown around. In Greece, carnations are known as flowers of the gods, and they have a special role in the culture and fabric of society.

Russia: Odd Numbers and Flowers

While no one quite knows why it’s bad luck to give someone in Russia an even number of flowers in a bouquet. Russians love their flowers, and you can’t go wrong if you are looking for a gift when visiting someone’s home. If you’re out on a date, however, the deepness of the colour of the flowers you choose can be a sign of how you feel about someone. When it’s a first meeting, choosing a lighter colour bloom is usually more appropriate.

There is quite a lot of etiquette regarding flowers in Russia. For example, you may want to avoid yellow blooms as they can be a portent of bad luck. And if you are visiting someone’s home, accompany any flowers with a bottle of wine and some chocolates if you want to impress the host.

China: Prosperous Bamboo

In many Asian countries, a bamboo plant is usually the safest option if you are visiting someone and want to take a gift. Bamboo is seen as lucky and expresses future prosperity and happiness. It’s the perfect gift when visiting a new business and wanting to create a good impression.