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Why Floral Workshops are Blooming in Berkhamsted

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A new generation of flower lovers is taking an interest in flower arranging and are flocking to floral workshops. Fortunately for Berkhamsted, new florist Hanako offer both seasonal floral workshops and a unique floral experience called Be the Florist, where you can choose from a one-on-one or group experience to learn how to be your own florist.

Florist Workshops Berkhamsted

According to florists around the country, people in their mid-20s to mid-30s are now filling up the regular workshops they run to teach people how to arrange flowers. Some report as much as a 30% increase in the number of people coming in as flower arranging has become trendy and popular with a much younger age group.

Like those offered by Hanako in Berkhamsted, Floristry workshops are often booked up well in advance with those looking to learn a new skill and have a great experience. Floristry has become part of decorating your home, and whether it is fresh flowers, dried flowers, or seasonal decorations such as Christmas Wreaths, flowers are back on trend across the UK!

The Popularity of Floristry Workshops

But what’s behind the trend? Why did this particular age group decide that flower arranging was something they wanted to get involved with? Some of the reason seems to be the increased interest in house plants and the pride of being a ‘plant parent’. For others, it is a simpler motivation – they want to see something colourful in their homes but don’t want to wait months that it can take for a house plant to grow and flower.

Then there’s the social media factor. People are more used to photographing their life to share on social media, and they want it to look good. Or they see other people with beautiful flowers in their social media pictures and want to try it themselves.

It can also be because great and experienced florists, like the team at Hanako, love to share their skills and create unique spaces where their floristry skills can be shared. Hanako florist on Berkhamsted high street also includes a bar and a space where you can have afternoon tea before or after your workshop making this a fully rounded floristry experience unlike any other.

Flower Arranging Trends

Many florists are finding people are more artistic with their flowers. Gone are the days of just simple bouquets popped in a glass vase. Instead, people want to combine flowers and other items to create something artistic and unique for their homes or give as gifts. Metal frames, melted plastics, and sculptural elements all feature more in the arrangements than before.

Another element is recognising that something like flower arranging can be therapeutic and relaxing. It helps to prompt that creative sense, and after the stresses of the last 18 months, people are looking for something new and interesting to do with their free time.

Floral Workshops & Creativity

Floral workshops allow for a new creative outlet for people who may never have considered it before. With the use of real flowers and high-quality artificial and dried flower products, there’s nearly limitless scope for the kinds of things people can make.

Floristry Workshops in Berkhamsted

Along with seasonal workshops such as Christmas wreath making classes, Hanako also offers their popular Hanako Tomodachi workshop. This means ‘Flower Girl Friend’ and is an unforgettable floral experience with our expert florists available both as a one-on-one experience or as a group session.

During the workshop, you’ll learn about all of your favourite blooms and how to care for them while creating a truly bespoke and personal bouquet. The experience even includes a glass of champagne, or a soft drink alternative, from our incredible Champagne Bar.

To find out more about Hanako’s workshops or to book here.