christmas flower arrangements

Amazing Floral Trends for Christmas

Christmas is coming, and it’s time to start thinking about your décor this year. Whether for your home or a special event, there are some incredible floral displays popping up this year to add the wow factor. Here are a few of the top trends for Christmas floral displays this year that you can discuss with your florist:

Bold and Beautiful

Think colour – as bright and bold as possible! With fun 80’s style colours still in fashion for Christmas decorations, floral trends are going the same way too. Think hot pink, bold purples, and electric blues in large blooms, with plenty of foliage to go alongside it. Eucalyptus works well with these shades, or you can add ferns for some extra greenery. Add some kitsch, cute baubles and you’re good to go.

Micro Trees

If you haven’t seen them yet, you need to check out this year’s hottest trend: micro trees. Cute and versatile, these small trees can add a touch of nature to your home Christmas displays. Granted, you can’t fit many decorations on a micro tree, but you can squeeze on some small baubles. Alternatively, you can use some small pinecones for decoration, giving them a dusting of snow spray beforehand.

All Natural

If 80’s bold colours aren’t your style, you could go for the Nordic trend which remains popular year after year. The main idea is to use as many raw materials as possible – think pinecones, wood, seeds, twigs, dried flowers, and winter berries. Add a bit of glittery snow spray for extra sparkle or leave them as they are – they’re beautiful either way.

Foliage is key here. Eucalyptus, pine, and fir work well for Christmas. Add some softly twinkling fairy lights, and you’ll have a magical, beautiful display.


Traditional Christmas colours never go out of style. Green and red remains popular, with some gold for a touch of sparkle. Poinsettias are always a good choice. Add some small decorations – traditional, tiny wooden decorations are a good choice – and you’ll have a retro display that you can bring back year after year.


Think big and bold! Large displays are perfect for Christmas. Not only do they make for excellent backdrops to family photos, but they also bring a touch of nature into your home. Look for foliage rather than flowers for large displays. This is cheaper, and it provides a nice backdrop for fairy lights and other Christmassy extras. Look for foliage that is locally grown if you want to reduce your Christmas carbon footprint.

Extra Scent

Finally, you can think about introducing some extra Christmas scent to your home. Using diffusers and essential oils, you can create a winter wonderland. Go for pine, eucalyptus, and peppermint if you want a nostalgic scent this Christmas. You can even play around with blends, finding the perfect fresh Christmas scent.