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Choosing the Best Plants and Flowers to Decorate Your Home

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When you look at any interiors blog, home themed Instagram post, or glossy home magazine, and you will notice that along with the gorgeous flooring, paint choices, wallpaper, and furniture, there is always either plants or flowers in the room.

Plants and flowers not only look beautiful they add life, lightness and brightness to any home and make you feel better in any space they are in. You may want to replicate some of what you have seen in magazines in styling your home with plants and flowers but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry the experienced team of florists from Hanako in Berkhamsted have some great advice to get you started.

Decorating Your Home with Flowers and Plants

With plants and flowers, the possibilities really are endless and only limited by your imagination, however the plants need to be cared for to look good and the flowers need to last as long as possible so you can enjoy them and their beauty.

Decorating in Darker Spaces

Flowers and plants often do better in light filled rooms, but if you home is like many others in the UK there will be places that need plants or flowers that don’t have much light. Halls and corridors in homes would benefit from having flowers and plants to welcome people into your home and make you smile every time you walk through the door, but they are generally the darkest places in the home.  Bromeliads and calatheas are gorgeous plants that don’t need much light so are perfect for these darker hallways.

Bouquets of cut flowers are much better in places with lots of natural light or their beauty will fade fast. If you do want the look of cur flowers in a dark hallway the consider dried arrangements. Bathrooms are another place in the home that often does not have a lot of natural light and also has a lot of humidity so choose plants such as orchids and anthuriums that will survive and thrive in darker humid spaces.

Perfect Kitchen Plants and Flowers

Having flowers in the kitchen is something that many people love, whether it is a cut flower bouquet on a kitchen table or a range of plants to giver greenery to an often-utility decorated space. Herb plants and recommended in the kitchen. Plants like parsley, rosemary, basil, or mint are not only delicious to add to your cooking but look and smell lovely too. These plants will need a kitchen with a lot of life to keep them happy and healthy. Darker kitchens can be decorated with aloe vera plants or cacti.

Let There Be Light

Flowers and plants look amazing in rooms which are flooded with light and many plants and cut flowers will thrive in these environments. Ensure that these plants are out of direct sunlight as they can get burned. Deep, colourful flowers work well in bright rooms, so the light does not fade the flowers out.

Flowers like gerberas which come in a range of deep colours, roses are also a lovely option to balance out the sunlight. Plants like the corn plant and the swiss cheese plant are easy to look after, like light and look amazing.