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Chiya is our forever flowers bouquet featuring a mix of fresh and preserved flora tailored to your colour palette.

This arrangement is all about the past, present and future: we're giving flowers a second life through preservation, celebrating the here and now of beautiful blooms while your preserved flora will last long into the future.


Chiya means 'a thousand generations', and these arrangements convey an everlasting feeling meant to be passed through the generations.

Preserved, dried, and died flowers are having a renaissance, and we are with them for the ride… forever!

Delivery Areas

Hanako will be delivering to Berkhamsted and the surrounding area within a 6-mile radius.

This includes Berkhamsted (HP4), Hemel Hempstead (HP1 and HP3), Chesham (HP5) and addresses in south Tring (HP23).

Delivery Costs

Delivery within 1 mile is free and £7.99 to the surrounding area.

Delivery Times

As part of our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment, we have limited our delivery hours to ensure the van is not constantly on the road.

We therefore deliver between 12 pm and 5 pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Refillable Vases – Those with a refillable vase subscription will receive the top-up bunches on Thursdays

Flower Subscriptions – Those with flower subscriptions will receive their bouquets on Fridays

Click & Collect

We also have a click and collect option for those who would prefer to collect their order from the Florist.

Simply place you order and select the date of which you’d like to collect your arrangement and your bouquet will be ready for collection.

Returns and Refunds

Our bouquets and plants are living things, so it’s essential they receive the recommended care advice that we include with your purchase.

Because of the perishable nature of our goods, we ask that any complaints be made within one working day.

We use only the freshest buds to ensure your bouquet stays bold and beautiful for at least seven days following delivery.

To help your bouquet stay vibrant:

Unwrap the aqua pack and eco wrap.

Either keep your stems tied or release the string to rearrange.

Snip 1cm from the end of the stems every few days at a 45-degree angle.

Place in fresh water and replace it every few days.

Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.

Your bouquet will arrive wrapped for protection and with everything, it needs to stay fresh before you pop it into a vase at home. As a florist that strives to exclusively use eco-friendly packaging, everything your bouquet arrives in can be disposed of sustainably.

Any plastic water pockets, wraps, cellophane, and tissue paper, are biodegradable and can go into your compost bin, while your care guides, paper wraps and gift cards can be disposed of in your recycling bin.

If your bouquet has arrived with a Hanako greetings card, be sure to plant it for a season-long reminder of your loved one’s affection.

Never live a day without flowers with a Hanako flower subscription!

We’ve made having a flower-filled life easier than ever, with beautiful bouquets delivered straight to your door.

Ideal as a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, simply select your subscription frequency before picking your favourite colour palette in the perfect size for you, and your beautiful blooms will arrive at your doorstep.

Our talented team of florists will then handcraft your blooming bouquet and deliver it between 3 pm – 5 pm on a Friday.

Our colour palettes include The Vibrants: a bright, bold display full of colour; The Nudes: a classy arrangement of neutral tones; The Pastels: a subtle, soft palette of delicate tones; and Florist’s Choice: a different colour palette each month.

With each arrangement comprised of only the freshest, seasonal blooms, no two bouquets will ever be the same.

Start your subscription today.

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Meaning 'cute', this is a mini bouquet that's perfectly cute in size.


Meaning 'little flower', this is a small bouquet ideal for those small gestures.


Meaning 'flower', this is a medium bouquet packed full of floral power.


Meaning 'fireworks', this is a large bouquet featuring an explosion of blooms.

Love Hanako! Great service, really friendly and accommodating. Beautiful flowers too.

Helen P.

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