Meet The Hanako Team

Get to know the Flower Girls: the floral designers behind your next beautiful bouquet.

Kate Parrott (AKA Polly)


Having always been creative at heart, Kate became a florist as she loves exploring colours, textures and shapes, and is passionate about inspiring joy with her designs.

Kate is a self-trained florist with a history working with a high-profile London Florist and most recently running her own business specialising in large scale installations.

Now, Kate is bringing Hanako’s intimate floral experiences to life, designing bespoke, individual creations that inspire lifelong memories.

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Hanako Florists Berkhamsted Laura Gutlé Profile Image

Laura Gutlé


While flowers bring Laura plenty of joy, knowing that her creations can bring others joy is a feeling that nothing else can beat.

So, following her passion, Laura trained with Tallulah Rose Floristry School in 2018 and has been working with weddings and events ever since, creating statement arrangements to accent life’s most special moments.

Laura loves being around flowers every day, and she’s looking forward to creating your perfect arrangement.

Fiona Nicholls


After a flower-filled wedding, Fiona fell head over heels with the splendour of flowers.

After training to become a florist, Fiona began creating and delivering magical bouquets for her local area.

Fiona loves that no two flower creations are the same and is passionate about using the natural shapes of foliage and flowers to curate unique bouquets that are packed full of meaning.

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Hanako Florists Berkhamsted Haylee Benton Profile Image

Haylee Benton


Born and bred in New Zealand, Haylee Benton is an entrepreneur passionate about creating a new way to experience the power of flowers.

Haylee has created Hanako to be a place to enjoy floristry together, somewhere to make memories and connect over the beauty of flowers.

Aurora Salvador


Passionate about people, Aurora is dedicated to creating the ultimate floral experiences for everyone to enjoy at Hanako.

She injects joy, fun and happiness into the every day and works to continually elevate the Hanako way of life.

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Hanako Florists Berkhamsted Naomie Shortt Profile Image

Naomie Shortt


With extensive experience in delivering outstanding customer experiences, Naomie is committed to creating beautiful floral moments.

Naomie loves making people feel good, so she is striving to give everyone who visits Hanako the opportunity to experience the joy of creativity.

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