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Why We Love Yellow Flowers

Summer is coming, and that means sunshine and there is rarely anything more joyful than yellow flowers dancing in the sun! Whether you want a whole bouquet full of yellow flowers or just want these special blooms to highlight a more colourful bouquet, yellow flowers are always popular.

Yellow Flower Meanings

If you want your flowers, bouquet or special floral gift to have extra significance choose yellow flowers that have meaning. These are some of the meanings of yellow flowers.

  • Friendship – Often a colour associated with friendship, the bright and cherry nature of yellow florals are a great way to boost a friends mood or let them know you are thinking about them.
  • Joy – Yellow flowers spark joy! This bright and gorgeous colour reflects the sun and they have a glow all of their own making them a truly joyful colour! Wherever you display these flowers in your home they will make you smile.
  • Abundance – Yellow flowers have often been associated with abundance, this comes originally from the harvest of many cultures where yellow is the colour of corn, hay and other harvest foods making it a celebration colour.
  • Hope – As yellow flowers often come into bloom during the summer and spring months, they bring a sense of hope and renewal and a promise of happiness yet to come.

When Should You Send Yellow Flowers?

The great news is that you can send yellow flowers at any time of year for any occasion. Yellow flowers can be sent for any event big or small and they will always be well received. One very popular time to send yellow flowers is at the birth of a child. Flowers are always well received for this occasion and yellow flowers reflect the joy and abundance of new life. They are also a great alternative to the traditional pink or blue shades as they are completely gender neutral.

Popular Yellow Flowers

These are some of our favourite yellow blooms, these look amazing as the centrepiece of a bouquet or as an added highlight.

  1. Sunflowers – An obvious bloom when you think of yellow flowers, and quite unusual. These are iconic flowers and can grab anyone’s attention and have a lot if impact in each stem. These make show stopping summer bouquets and signify good luck and lasting happiness.
  2. Roses – Roses are always beautiful, but in yellow they are a little more unusual and exotic. Yellow roses symbolise friendship and joy, so are great to send to friends or even on ‘galentine’s day’.
  3. Marigolds – These sturdy flowers mean determination and warmth, and while they are often more on the orange spectrum they are a joyful bloom that should be celebrated.
  4. Daffodils – The ultimate in spring flowers and often overlooked. Daffodils have inspired poetry and they bring joy as they herald the coming of spring and rebirth.
  5. Tulips – A filled home of tulips brings cheerfulness as that is their meaning. The Victorians believed that tulips meant there is sunshine in your smile. Which is a lovely joyful sentiment for these gorgeous flowers.