Gorgeous Flowers that are also Edible

Gorgeous Flowers that are also Edible

Our guide to exploring the delicious world of edible flowers!

Here at Hanako, we’re passionate about repurposing our beautiful flowers for other wonderful uses! So, while one of the best things about flowers is that they are stunning, many are also edible! If you want to add something a little special to your gathering, then consider adding edible flowers for an extra wow.

Using Edible Flowers

Let’s start with the obvious, not all flowers are edible, and not all flowers taste as good as they look, so only eat flowers you know are safe and are from a source that deals with edible flowers. Once you have decided to use edible flowers in your next creation, here are some tips on how to use them:

Less is More – If you are using edible flowers, then you want the flower to be the star of the show, so don’t use too many in your culinary creation. Choose one edible flower to top a cupcake to make a statement, or use a few sparingly over a salad for a fresh look and taste.

Rinse the Flowers – Just like all grown items, flowers need to be clean and ready to eat, so make sure you gently wash them before eating, but don’t dowse them in water as this can affect how they look, as many flowers can be delicate.

Not Just for Eating! – Edible flowers are not just for food! Put edible flowers in your favourite cocktail for a modern twist, or add them to ice cream for a fresh floral take on a summer ice cream sundae!

Which Flowers are Edible?

As previously mentioned, not all flowers are edible or taste good. Here is a rundown of some of the most popular blooms that can be used in food and drink.

Roses – Used from ancient times to flavour food and drink, most of us have probably had something rose flavoured before, so why not add the actual flower for a dreamy rosy taste?

Lavender – Another quite common flavour, but how many people have actually eaten lavender? Try adding them to make other ingredients, such as lavender sugar, and then add this to baking for a subtle and floral taste. The tiny purple blooms can also be added to sauces for an unusual and exciting flavour note.

Sunflowers – You probably have a bottle of sunflower oil at home or have eaten the seeds, but did you know that those bright yellow sunflower petals are also edible? Sunflower petals have a nutty quality and are delicious with Asian flavours such as stir fry!

Carnations – As these gorgeous blooms come in such a variety of colours, their petals look amazing in salads to bring a boost of colour to mostly green plates.

Other edible flowers include daisies, elderflowers, pansies, hibiscus, nasturtiums, marigolds, dandelions, borage, chamomile, and chrysanthemums.