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Floral Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Your wedding is unique to you and your ideas and having a great florist like the team at Hanako in Berkhamsted can ensure you get the most amazing florals for your wedding day. One of the biggest choices and couple has to make is how to decorate their tables, and what they want their centrepieces to look like.

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The great thing is that modern wedding table centrepieces can truly be combination of florals and whatever is unique to you as a couple. Take  your ideas and plans to your meeting with the florists at Hanako and they can turn your ideas into gorgeous reality for your wedding day.

Here are some great ideas for your wedding table centrepieces.

  • Elevated flower arrangements: Create tall and elegant centrepieces using a combination of flowers and greenery. Use a tall vase or a raised stand to give the arrangement height and drama.
  • Wildflower meadow: Arrange a mix of colourful wildflowers in a low, rustic container or a wooden box. This arrangement adds a whimsical and natural touch to the table.
  • Monochromatic elegance: Choose flowers of the same colour but varying shades to create a monochromatic centrepiece. This creates a sophisticated and cohesive look. Consider using roses, tulips, or hydrangeas for a lush display.
  • Floating floral centrepiece: Fill a shallow glass container with water and float flower heads or blooms on the surface. Use flowers like orchids or daisies for an ethereal and delicate effect.
  • Herb garden centrepiece: Incorporate fragrant herbs like lavender, rosemary, and mint into your centrepiece. Combine them with flowers or display them in individual pots for a rustic and aromatic centrepiece.
  • Succulent and flower combo: Combine succulents with delicate blooms for a unique centrepiece. Plant small succulents in containers and add a few cut flowers or dried elements to create a visually interesting contrast.
  • Single-stem vases: Use individual bud vases or small glass bottles to showcase single stems or a few blooms. Place them in a row along the table or cluster them together for a minimalist and modern look.
  • Floral wreath with candles: Create a wreath using a mix of fresh flowers and greenery. Place a large candle or a cluster of smaller candles in the centre of the wreath for a romantic and enchanting centrepiece.
  • Flower-filled birdcage: Place a small birdcage in the centre of the table and fill it with a variety of flowers. Opt for flowers that spill out of the cage for a whimsical and charming centrepiece.
  • Floral garlands: Lay a lush garland of greenery down the centre of the table and weave in flowers for pops of colour. This flowing centrepiece adds a natural and organic touch to the table.

Remember to choose flowers that match your event's colour palette and theme. Consider incorporating local and seasonal flowers to reduce environmental impact and support local growers.