Discover the 10 most popular seasonal flowers for summer brides and their symbolic meanings.

Blooming Marvellous: Discover the 10 most popular seasonal flowers for summer brides and their symbolic meanings.

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When planning a summer wedding, one of the easiest ways to embrace the sun-kissed splendour is by incorporating seasonal flowers. Although you might be familiar with summer blooms, do you know that each flower has a symbolic meaning? You can weave a unique narrative into your love story by choosing floral arrangements with a special meaning. In this article, we'll look at ten popular seasonal flowers and what they symbolise.


There's a reason why roses have been a popular choice for summer brides since Tudor times. What better symbolises a happy union than a flower embodying love, beauty and passion. Furthermore, different colours represent additional meanings, like pink for romance and white for purity.  


Peonies have been rising in popularity over the last couple of years, and it's no surprise. This delicate bloom represents romance, prosperity and happy marriage. They come in various colours, shades of blush white and coral have been a firm favourite with summer brides.


Dahlias are a great option if you'd like to add a touch of drama to your floral designs. They come in a wide range of colours. Red, purple, and orange shades are currently trending. In addition, Dahlias embody inner strength, grace and elegance, which modern brides tend to treasure.

Sweat Peas

Sweat Peas are a dainty addition to any bouquet. They represent bliss and acts of kindness. They're especially cherished for their delicate sweet fragrance and soft pastel colours.


These gorgeous, versatile flowers are perfect for injecting serenity, devotion and much-needed tranquillity into the organised chaos of wedding planning. The beautiful shades of purple are perfect for bouquets as well as decorations.


Cornflowers represent wealth, prosperity, and blessings. They add a delightful, vibrant and playful pop of blue to floral arrangements and bouquets.


Known for their voluminous clusters of small flowers, hydrangeas are a fantastic choice for both bouquets and table arrangements. They represent gratitude, grace and abundance, making them a popular symbolic choice for brides worldwide.


Sunflowers are most likely the biggest statement flower on this list. With their large heads and cheerful, sunny vibe, they were made to stand out. They symbolise adoration and happiness, the perfect flower for a summer celebration.


Symbolising beauty, purity and elegance, lilies are a timeless addition to any bride's flower arrangements, Oriental and Stargazer lilies are especially popular in summer.


The charming and cheerful addition of daisies to a wedding flower arrangement gives it a quirky feel that's perfect for a bride looking for a twist on a classic. Daisies symbolise new beginnings and are a touching symbol of a new union and the potential it brings.  

Whether you're looking for a timeless classic, an elegantly modern, or a quirky vintage feel to your wedding flower arrangements, flowers can be an excellent way to express your unique style. Combining the beautiful blooms with the meaning behind them can be the perfect way to create a visual and symbolic representation of your union and your journey as a couple.