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Banish the January Blues with Flowers

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By the end of the festive season, we can be ready to take down the decorations, but it often leaves our homes feeling a little underdressed and empty! Combined with those January blues, it can make the rooms appear dull and grey, just like the weather!

Fill Your Home with Flowers

There is a simple solution that brings colour and a smile to your face – fresh flowers.

Filling your home with gorgeous flowers will bring life, colour, and joy back into your home. The clever and innovative florists at Hanako in Berkhamsted have created a range of bouquets that will match your home’s décor perfectly. After the glitz and glitter of Christmas, filling your home with fresh, natural flowers will make you feel ready for the year ahead!

Mood Boosting Flowers

The January blues are a genuine phenomenon felt by most people to some extent, and flowers can help lift and boost your mood, helping you enjoy January rather than dreading it. Here are some great ways flowers can bust those January blues:

Stress Reduction – Flowers can help you feel less stressed, with women particularly affected by this. Nearly two-thirds of people feel stressed every week, and almost a third feel daily stress. But one study showed that having fresh flowers around reduced stress levels even better than something like a luxury candle.

Boost Your Mood – Similarly, flowers can boost your mood. Receiving them is always a mood booster, but even buying them for yourself can help you feel brighter and better.  And every time you look at those bright blossoms, you’ll feel yourself smile, and the day feels a little brighter.

Refresh Your Home – January is a time to re-evaluate and plan for the year ahead, and having fresh flowers in the home can make you smile and feel optimistic about the plans you are making for the year ahead.

Replace Christmas Decorations – Once you take the Christmas Decorations down, make sure you replace them with something just as lovely, like flowers!

Ways to Enjoy New Year Flowers

Once the Christmas decorations come down, you may feel that your home feels bare, and realise that this is what your home looks like for most of the year and want to ensure you have some colour throughout the year, not just at Christmas. A flower subscription is the perfect way to ensure your home looks and feels its best throughout the year, and the team at Hanako have flower subscription options to suit you.

Flowers can make a real difference to make a house feel like a real home and are the best way to beat the January blues, helping you make great plans for the year ahead.

Beat the January Blues

The January blues is a proven thing that affects people in different ways. But the mood-boosting power of flowers can help to combat this and give you that daily boost to overcome the post-Christmas period.