About Hanako

Hanako is the home of naturally beautiful floral encounters. We combine the intimate power of flowers with personal meanings to create the perfect sentiment for every moment of connection.

Our floral designers curate handmade arrangements amongst our truly luxurious backdrop where you can relax with loved ones, enjoy a drink and soak up the ultimate floristry experience.

Our Story

Here at Hanako, we believe every moment with your loved ones should be special, but we know that sometimes, words just don’t cut it! That’s why we’ve created Hanako: a place to experience flowers together.

Hanako is a new concept where we have given our love for floristry a place to be experienced by all.

Gone are the days of a florist working behind the scenes with no one to see the art being created. Now, you can see it in the making with our one of a kind ‘Florist’s Table’: a place to enjoy the work we do, socialise and treat yourself to a coffee or drink while your bouquet is in progress!

We believe in the power of flowers, and whilst flowers are undeniably beautiful to look at, we know there is a lost art in knowing what different flowers represent.

Hanako, meaning ‘Flower Girls’ in Japanese, has helped us take inspiration from the Japanese language of flowers; Hanakotoba. The Japanese art of flower arranging dates back thousands of years and has bought countless individuals joy, love and comfort through bunches packed with personal meaning. This is something we once celebrated in England but has been lost over time.

We believe your bouquet should be curated to show meaning and beauty, so we will work with you to combine personal sentiments that ensure each bouquet is unique. We are a place to experience flowers, relax and sit amongst our florals, learn about our craft, and enjoy time with friends and family.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create naturally beautiful floral experiences for everyone to enjoy. But, while passionate about creating long-lasting memories, we’re also dedicated to protecting the long-lasting beauty of Mother Earth.

At Hanako, we will not only be doing our bit for the environment, but we will be giving back by endeavouring to only use bio-degradable products, composting all green waste and donating leftover flora to local causes, ensuring no flower is left behind.

From reducing our carbon footprint to finding new, eco-friendly floristry techniques, we’re doing everything we can to ensure the world’s natural beauty lasts for generations to come.

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Our People

We’re home to a team of floral designers who are all passionate about creating emotive, personal arrangements that make an impact. From our head designer to our experienced floristry assistants, we’ll all play our part in creating your meaningful floral encounter.

Meet the Flower Girls

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